My First Dating Experience

This will be my last time going on a date, and I'll tell you why. I've never been one to date, but my friends said they were tired of me sitting around the house. I only go out with my friends, and any time a guy tries to talk to me, I just ignore him. My friends decided that they wanted to see me with someone, so I decided to placate them. My friends set me up on a blind date, and it was a disaster. After going on this date, I will never choose to go on a blind date or planned date again.

The guy picked me up at my home, which seemed nice enough. He went out of his way to rent a town car, and I was very flattered. When he picked me up, we went out to a restaurant, and I immediately started to see his bad side. The guy was rude to the waiters, he burped in front of me, and I swear at one point I heard him fart. Even if he didn't fart, I know I smelled something, and I'm sure it wasn't the delicious chicken in front of me!

I tried to ignore his bad table manners, but I couldn't ignore the fact that he was talking very harshly to me. He certainly settled in very quickly and started to tell me what to do. When it came time to have dessert, he actually told me what I was going to order, and I had finally had enough. I told him I would pass on dessert, and I asked him to take me home. He actually had the nerve to try and kiss me in the car, and after I slapped him in the face, I calmly walked away from the car, thanked him for the good night, and went inside my home.